Primarily 2's and 3's

is a quality, local neighborhood pre-school featuring highly educated, certified teachers and staff who treasure our little ones.

Class sizes are small to allow for periods of social distancing and safe group play.
Children's Books, sanitized and sitting on a table
Our extensive children's library, as well as other items used in learning and play, are frequently sanitized to ensure safety.
We welcome your preschooler to our new, modified program, meeting safety requirements for our little ones.  Safety is our priority, and our classrooms are configured to allow for periods of social distancing and safe group play.  Class sizes are small as we learn, grow and play together in our colorful, happy environment, filled with sound, color and movement.  Masks are required, and mask-off times are for our many seated group activities.

Call for a tour or registration schedule.
Messages during this time can be left at 631-474-3322 or 631-846-6031.

We would LOVE to be your child's preschool!


Welcome to Primarily 2’s and 3’s Pre-School, a teacher-owned and directed Pre-School center that has been providing an excellent early childhood program in Mt. Sinai and the surrounding areas since 1995.  We have always prided ourselves in recognizing our students as individuals, and providing a wealth of experiences for them, meeting individual needs, and always going the extra mile. 

We have worked with children aged 2 through 5, and taken such joy in the giggles and laughter as they learn and grow. We are a highly educated staff, possessing Master’s Degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and we use our skills to build confidence, friendships, and student’s skills.

Interior view of the pre-school classroom

Pre-School is for 2 year olds 3 year olds 4 year olds 5 year olds new friends loving teachers shapes colors patterns letters art crafts blocks puzzles dress-up math reasoning play dough socialization bubbles books show and tell reading birthdays crayons paint puppets playing working together kids music learning friendships confidence giggles families gentle guidance love success new skills Kindergarten Preparation big learning little people alphabet sounds listening skills separation socialization stories snacks singing rhythm instruments new best buddies


The goal, since the beginning, is to provide the best pre-school classroom for students. It is not just about the curriculum, but about finding the right mix that offers a perfect balance socially and academically. Measured by success, we, like the students and families we work with, are doing exceptionally well.

We love involving the children with color, texture, movement and sound.  We are always bringing in new materials and books to keep our program fresh and exciting.  Our pre-school has an extensive children’s library and we always read to the children.  We encourage a love of books because we believe reading opens doors!

You will never see time out chairs in our pre-school or hear angry voices. Our children are spoken to gently, guided to the best paths in situations, and develop a love of school and their friends in a relaxed, welcoming, fresh environment. No pre-school in the area brings together the perfect balance of social and academic success for your pre-school child like we do!

We Are A Potty-Friendly Pre-School

Potty-training before enrollment is not necessary.  Let us help you transition your child from training pants to big kid pants!

We Are A Nut-Free Pre-School

Allergies are no joke, so to protect our students, we do not serve snacks containing nuts or make crafts using peanut butter.  If nut allergies are a concern for your child, you can rest easy knowing they are safe at our nut-free pre-school.


Your child can expect the see the same teachers and staff each time they walk into pre-school.  We are a mature, experienced, and highly educated staff.  Our teachers are New York State Certified. Our Owner/Director and Assistant Director are present daily at the pre-school and actively teach classes. They proudly hold Master’s Degrees plus additional credits in creative teaching and learning. We use our skills to build confidence, help your child foster friendships, and grow our students’ skills.

CPR Certified Staff

It is important, while your child is at pre-school, that they not only feel safe, but also be safe.  Our staff are CPR Certified to provide immediate care in case of a medical emergency.


Genuine Kindergarten Preparation

Our curriculum goes above and beyond. We offer big learning for little people. Your child will have a gentle ride through kindergarten upon graduation from our Pre-School.

In our Moonbeam Class, children chant alphabet sounds, sing, create crafts with a wealth of materials, develop listening skills, parade with rhythm instruments, and make great friends under the gentle guidance of their outstanding teacher.

The Rainbow Class is a separation/socialization class just for age 2. Lots of one-on-one attention, stories, snacks, singing, puppets, rhythm instruments, and new best buddies.

Why Start Pre-School So Young?

Our classes help students learn to be comfortable with separation from their parents and interact with classmates and teachers well before they begin Pre-K or Kindergarten.  Learning these skills early ensures that children are ready to focus on more academic studies as they get older.  Developing skills for listening and learning to follow directions are also essential for academic success and must be developed at a young age.  We focus on teaching our children how to learn so that when they are presented with reading, writing, and math, they can experience joy in academics.

What do parents have to say about our pre-school?

Parents want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their education. We love our families and want you to consider us an extension of your family. We are always available to speak with you.


Primarily 2s and 3s Pre-School knows a solid, early childhood education is an investment that pays off forever.  We accept monthly tuition in the form of cash, check or major credit card. We do our best to offer competitive prices and give you a lot of bang for your hard-earned dollar. If you have a price point, we offer options to meet it.

Contact Us

We would so love to be your child’s pre-school. Please call or visit us.  We will meet your schedule so you can meet us.

Primarily 2's and 3's

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